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A little bit about us and this site

Hello there!

It is hard to know exactly where to start, so forgive me if I bounce around a little bit on this first post. My goal with this is to provide some transparency about who we are, this website, and our future plans.

While trying to get mom's affairs somewhat in order after she passed, this website slipped through the cracks. We had incorrectly assumed that Orbit was in control of the domain and that they would take care of it. The reality of the situation, however, was that the website and domain belonged to mom. Since that was the case, and since we didn't know that was the case, the domain lapsed and fell into the open market. It changed hands a few times in the following years. I kept an eye on it since mom's books link to the website, and therefor a not small part of her legacy was out of our control. Unfortunately the website eventually fell into the hands of some individuals who pretended to be her in order to try to sell some stuff. We were able to successfully carry out a DMCA strike on them since they used copyrighted images that now belong to my father. After we got them to take it down, the domain was suddenly quite less valuable to them. They did reach out to me and try to sell it for an exorbitant amount, but they eventually gave up and let the domain slip back into the open market. This time we were ready, and we were able to recover mom's website. All of the steps we had to take to recover the website would've been impossible without help from mom's agent and some of my wife's IT coworkers who were kind, understanding, generous with their time, and incredibly helpful.

We've tried to make this website as true to her original one as possible. I copy pasted a fair amount of it off of the internet archive (thank goodness for it!) Obviously it is not as polished as the original as there is no longer a large publisher behind the site. My sister and I are not skilled at web anything, so we're just gonna do our best and hope you like it.

As far as the future of the website, we have some general plans but nothing is currently set in stone. This website will be maintained as a memorial to my mother and a place for all of those who enjoyed her work. I do plan on eventually copying over as many of her old blog posts as I can find, and after that maybe some of her fb posts. I will not promise a timeline, because my sister and I are very busy and it is rare that we have both the time to do this and the proper headspace.

If you've been a fan from the beginning and you were here for all of the ups and downs, welcome back and we love that you are here. All of the support from all of you brought her so much joy. If you are new to the Jaz Parks novels, or wandered here for some other reason you are equally welcome. Hopefully this post has provided some clarity.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out. There is a contact form on the site, but honestly you'll have MUCH better luck if you message her fb page. Myself or my sister will get back to you as soon as we can.



Stephanie Henderson
Stephanie Henderson
Mar 04

Hello, I found her when I just started reading fantasy novels in around 2007. The world of Jaz was so hilarious and intriguing. She even had a wonderful conversation with me on FB about casting for a non-existent movie. She was a light in a dark world. She is missed. May Jaz live on as her Legacy <3


Amy King
Amy King
Aug 08, 2023

Jennifer Rardin's books are an amazing legacy of an amazing author. The world she created was beautiful and a place I have escaped to many times. As a teen I remember pre-ordering her book before it was published and waiting eagerly for them to be delivered, just so I could see what adventure (and trouble) Jax had gotten into. I was so very sad when I heard the news she had passed but I still read her books often; they always brighten my day. I remember when I first saw the website was lost and I must admit I did not think it would every stand again. Today, I found this page! I will admit that I cried a little.…


Apr 15, 2023

I read a comment tonight about someone reading the Jaz Parks series. I loved those books so much. I waited breathlessly for each one to come out. I loved your mother's intellect, her wit, and her heart. I was so sad when she passed that I couldn't read her books again. But tonight I reread the first book again, and I loved it just as much as the first time I read it. I'm sure that her best legacy, the one she was the most proud of, is the two of you. But I think the books stand as a wonderful legacy as well.

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