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Weird Words from Jaz’s World
{Be warned, some of the definitions below might contain spoilers.}

Ako Nogol—[pronounced Ah’-ko No’-goal] The goddess of change

Aodh—[pronounced just like “I”] One of the ghosts in One More Bite

Amanha Szeya—[pronounced Uh-mon’-ha Zay’-ya] A Nruug Stalker; a supernatural being who targets others who are abusing their gifts and does what he/she believes is necessary to restore the balance in specific regions of the world.  Think of them as the supernatural justice system, much longer lived but not nearly as accessible as their human counterparts.

Angra Mainyu—[pronounced On’-gruh Mine’-you] The wizard’s god, a three-headed death-deity whose followers tend to cultish extremism

Avhar—[pronounced of-har’ (rhyming with car)] At the beginning of the series Jaz isn’t clear what her role as Vayl’s avhar is supposed to be.  Deeper in we learn that avhar is a Vampere word referring to a vampire’s closest companion, someone who is a friend, protector, confidant, conscience—if required—and (sometimes) lover.

Cantrantia—(pronounced cun-tron’-tcha) Vampere word referring to the unique skill each vampire possesses that gives him or her that extra edge. 

Cassandra’s Pure and Natural—The name of Cassandra’s health food store in Miami, Florida.

Cirilai—[pronounced sear’i (as in if) lie] Meaning “Guardian,” the ring was made by Vayl’s grandfather on the day Vayl was born.  His mother requested it, because as she lay dying she had a vision of his death.  She knew it would be violent, and that it would endanger his soul.  So she begged her father-in-law to create the ring so that he and the rest of their family could imbue it with all the powers they could summon to protect him.  As long as Cirilai exists, Vayl’s soul can’t be destroyed.  Since Jaz wears it, she’s protected to a certain extent as well.  Cirilai is described as a ring of intricately woven golden knots with a superb little ruby glittering in the center of each one.

Deganites—[pronounced day’-gun-ites] The religious cult that developed around the worship of the Tor-al-Degan

Demlock Pharmaceuticals—the business cover for Jaz’s department.  Evie believes Jaz is a research biologist for this company.

Derrentia—(pronounced dir-en’-tcha) the root of the swamp-dwelling Derrent tree, known for its transformational properties

Domytr—[pronounced dom’-i-ter] Satan’s elite guard, hand-picked for viciousness and loyalty

Eichfin—[pronounced eye-ch’-fin] Vampere word for a whore with multiple STDs and a run in her stockings to boot.

Eldhayr—[pronounced eld-hair’] Warriors who have agreed to continue fighting for good even after they’ve died.  Most continue their work as spirits.  The best example of this is Jaz’s Spirit Guide, Raoul.  However some, such as Jaz, are more effective in their human form, and they are allowed to continue their work as such. 

Enkyklios—[pronounced en-kick’-lee-ose (rhyming with gross)] A portable library created through both science and magic, it contains all the information Seers have been able to gather related to the world of others practically since the beginning of time.  About the size of a large handbag, the enkyklios is made up of a multitude of multicolored glass orbs, each about the size of a large marble.  When activated, the orbs begin to search for the information, during which search they automatically rearrange themselves into various fascinating shapes, while never, ever, losing contact with one another.  At the end of the search, the correct marble arrives at the top and is voice-activated.  After which a high-quality holograph plays back the information requested.  Only a few exist in the world, and Cassandra is responsible for one.  These are not fixed objects, which means experiences and other vital information can be recorded on them at any time.

Floraidh Halsey—[pronounced floor-aid’ hall’-zee] Arguably the most powerful woman in Europe, Floraidh has charge of the Witches of Inverness.

Grief—The name of Jaz’s handgun, a Walther PPK that her former college roommate, Miles Bergman, modified for her.  Thus it can shoot regular ammunition in the event she is accosted by human foes.  But she has to fight vampires, she can press the “magic button,” which transforms the gun into an auto-reloading crossbow.

Helsingers—[pronounced hell’-singers] Any group of American vampire slayers that is sanctioned (as in organized and paid) by the government.  Jaz’s first job out of college was to lead a crew of Helsingers.

Jeremy Bhane—Vayl’s alias

Kyron—[pronounced ki’-(as in kite) run] A plague beast as typified by the Tor-al-Degan, it is neither good nor evil, and can rip through the walls that divide universes with the ease of fingernails through an envelope.  However, it is not an independent creature, and can be controlled by a master who possesses the correct magical item.

Loeden—[pronounced low-done] Messengers for creatures existing in the netherworld.  Since mediums are the only humans able to speak to spirits, it often becomes necessary for the bodiless, or those far removed from the human plane, to resort to other means of communication.  The loeden are a common choice.

Lucille Robinson—Jaz’s alias

Mahghul—[pronounced ma’-ghoul] Monstrous, parasitic creatures that live only in Iran.  They can both predict and instigate murder.  About the size of a cat with leather-like wings, the mahghul drive the spikes around their eyes into the brains of the murderer and or his/her victim at the moment of the crime, feeding off all of the intense emotions of that moment, leaving no memories of their attacks.

Nefralim—[pronounced neff’-ruh-limb] This is an angelic word referring to all hellspawn, that is, demons who are created in hell.

Nruug—[pronounced nroog to sound like moo-g] an other who is abusing his/her gifts; using them for a purpose contrary to their nature.

Nruug stalker—see Amanha Szeya above

Ohm—[pronounced ome to rhyme with home]—A tool of necromancers used to control special zombies called zedran from long distances.

Others—The human word for non-humans.  In Once Bitten,Twice Shy these include vampires, hellspawn, and a monster named Tor-al-Degan.

Rail—One of a host of hell-servants whose job it is to trap souls for Satan or, as we often call him, the Great Taker.  Please note that there are two different types of demons in Jaz’s world.  Those who started out as humans and those who were born in hell.  The distinction is important, because those who began as human can be killed in Jaz’s world.  Hellspawn must be lured into another plane before they can be vanquished.

Reaver—soul-stealers working for Satan (the Great Taker) who were once human and who, therefore, can be killed on earth.  They can’t exist on our realm without infesting host bodies.  Their presence almost always means a war is brewing.

Scidairan—[pronounced sid-air’-un] Anyone who worships Scidair, a sorceress who is said to have become Satan’s concubine.  The Witches of Inverness are Scidairan.

Siorruidh—[pronounced shee’-oo-ree] The name of the Hoppringhill’s family cemetery

Sisters of the Second Sight—An international guild of women who united hundreds of years before Jaz’s time to share information and compile knowledge.  Most, but not all, are Seers.

Seer—[pronounced see’-er] A person who experiences visions when he/she touches another person or an object that has been in nearly constant contact with a person.  In Jaz’s world this word is used interchangeably with the word “psychic.”

Seffor—the god for whom Cassandra was an oracle over five hundred years ago.

Seffrenem—the country in which Cassandra was born and grew to become a great priestess.  But it eventually fell to invaders, after which it was buried in the sand for hundreds of years. 

Sensitive—Any human who has died and been resuscitated.  They all return to life with the ability to sense non-humans, though the strength of those abilities varies.

Siordents—[pronounced shore’-dents] One of a host of species that serve Lucifer, it bears a resemblance to both shark and snake.  It is hellspawn, so it can’t be vanquished on earth’s plane.  While Jaz knows about siordents, she’s not at all aware that her grandmother once fought one.

Spirit Eye—Jaz’s Sensitivity, which has been brought into sharp focus (like an eye) by her

“contact” with Vayl (to say more might spoil plots for readers who haven’t made it through the entire series)

Sverhamin—[pronounced sver- (rhyming with where) ha’-men] Also a Vampere word, this refers to the vampire in the relationship described in the definition for “avhar.”  He or she performs basically the same function as the avhar, with the added responsibility of training the avhar to use whatever gifts or talents he/she has received.  Because all avhars come to the relationship with some sort of raw, usually untapped power that they rarely have any idea how to wield.

Tor-al-Degan—[pronounced tore-al (rhyming with pal) day-gun] a Kyron

Triptity—(pronounced trip’-ti-tee) a distillation of waters from the Elvoreth caves, also known for its transformational properties. 

Vampere—[pronounced vam-pier’] A race of vampires, from which Vayl is descended.

Wraith—[pronounced ray-th]  In reference to Vayl, a wraith is a vampire whose core power revolves around the ice of the grave.  So he can fill the air with it.  Or shove it into a person’s veins and watch him freeze to death.  Or, well, you’ll see.  Sensitives are nearly immune to these powers.

Zedran—[pronounced zed’-run] A zombie that can be controlled by its necromancer from a distance, by use of an ohm, which is placed within its body to facilitate communication.

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